Over the past year, what began as a purely hand made fabric makes service has evolved into something more. Over on Patreon is where the next exciting step is being taken!  Take a look at:

Although I've been making things for 5 years, my calling has always been to write and share the written word and how God speaks to us through it. By joining my Patreon family you will not just be supporting me in this but others as we share in what God has to say to us.. For the first time, I'm seeking to listen in to what he's been inspiring me to do with seriousness and intent and having you along for the ride is pretty cool.

Here you will find the option to subscribe to written and audio bi-weekly devotionals, audio recordings of books that I'm working on and bi- monthly hand crafted gifts made using a mixture of disciplines. The makes will not exclusively be faith based by will sometimes refer to the what the devotionals inspire as we go. There is also the chance to chat and comment on the threads to stretch and expand on the things we discover together through God's word.

As a part of this community I'm going to have so much fun making beautiful things for you. These will include crochet, hanging decorations, bookmarks, key fobs and seasonal items which you can keep or gift to encourage someone else!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to walking this journey together.

Ellen x