'Caring is our Superpower' Personalised School Gift Rainbow Hoop

Ellen Hopkin Creates

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The 'Caring is our Superpower' School gift rainbow hoop was inspired by a commission from a customer. It can be requested in bright or pastel tones, picked by me in my little studio in Hampshire. Just pop your preference in the personalisation box with the name of your school.

Every single hoop is unique and a very special thing to gift to the schools who take care of our children.

Times have been hard for teachers and school staff, but they have stepped up, shown up and have adapted amazingly to help us educate at home or in school. They welcome in children who are unsure about the state of the world, missing their friends and looking for something consistent. School is often it!

So to say thank you in a really wonderful way, these 8" hoops make a wonderful thank you to your child's school or nursery. Similarly, if you wish to gift this to a hospital, hospice, special after school club or anywhere else, just pop the wording in the personalisation box and i'll get that done for you with pleasure.