Heirloom Nativity Character Garland/Decoration Set

Ellen Hopkin Creates

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Come and meet An angel, Mary, Joseph, A Star, The Baby Jesus A Shepherd and a King.

Each one stitched by me using free machine embroidery (drawing with thread), high quality wool felt and glittering fabric. These 7 characters come together to help retell the story of the birth of Jesus. 

Designed to be completely versatile, each set comes with a length of hessian string and 10, 3cm wooden pegs (3 spare). That way you can position the characters as you wish to fit your mantlepiece, banisters or you can use them as individual decorations for your tree. A wonderful way to begin a tradition with your family, to bring out year upon year and pass on in the future.

Add on a set of 'Nativity Chatty Prompt Cards' aimed a 2 - 6 year olds, to help them explore the story and the importance of each character for just £5. There are lots of different ways you can use these double sided cards. On the front is a picture for the children to match and on the back a short sentence or two about them. You will also find 2 questions to ask the children to help them expand their understanding of the nativity story and to begin to think for themselves the reason that we celebrate Christmas every year. 

The cards and decorations don't have to be looked at in chronological order and the questions will often bring new answers each time they're asked! Enjoy sparking these discussions with little (and bigger!) ones and help them to gain a deeper understanding of Christmas as the gift of Jesus.

Current delivery time is 1-2 weeks as every item is handmade.