Current Turn Around - 2 Weeks

Changing Seasons, Christmas Cards and Original Art Commissions

Posted by Ellen Hopkin on

Well hello there! 
Can you believe that it is nearly October already?
Even though this year has been so very strange and different, i'm trying to take comfort in the constancy of the seasons. After such beautiful warm weather, it's reassuring to see the leaves change colour, put the socks go on instead of flip flops and drink hot chocolate instead of long, cool drinks.

I was really fortunate to be gifted a brand photography shoot by the wonderful Mercedes Evans Photography. Was I awkward? You bet. Did she still manage to get pictures of me that I like? She totally did! She also took some wonderful new product pics which i'll be sharing soon.

New Christmas Cards - 'Hope, Joy and Hallelujah'

This year I have ventured into Christmas Card production! I created 3, mixed media pieces using free motion embroidery, ink stamping and watercolours on watercolour paper. The result has been expertly photographed and printed onto square cards with Kraft envelopes which you can now purchase in a pack of 6.

I still love writing Christmas Cards, but only a few. I always write ones to my grandparents, teachers at school and the neighbours. It's such a lovely way to let people know you are thinking of them at Christmas time, especially as so many will be unable to spend time with those they love this year.

The words I chose are full of what I think the baby Jesus was all about when he came to earth 2000 years ago. He brought hope, joy and both Mary and the angels declared 'Hallelujah'!

There is still time to commission any artwork or personalised hoops before we hit December. Each one takes a long while to make and I've had to turn away people who have left it until December to ask. I take time over them because I want them to be perfect for each recipient. You are, after all, getting a one off piece that will last for a very long time!

Have a lovely week.

Ellen x