Current Turn Around - 2 Weeks


Since beginning Ellen Hopkin Creates I have had the privilege of creating unique and original pieces of textile, fabric, mixed media and watercolour art work and gifts for people. 

The process is very simple and begins with you sending me an email at:

Usually clients have seen something they like that I have already created and would like to make 'tweaks' to something to make it perfect for the recipient. This is certainly something I'm happy to help with. Others have a completely original idea/phrase/verse that they would like presented in a certain way.

Watercolour Portraits simply require you to send me the image you'd like me to paint. All of my art work is of photos taken behind the subject or without their faces fully in the shot, so please bear this in mind when selecting your image.

Whatever it is you would like to discuss, after you have sent me an enquiry e-mail with your ideas and questions, that begins a dialogue in which we discuss:

  • Ideas
  • Questions
  • Sketches
  • Quotes
Usually the process takes a week and then the making time depends on my availability which I will inform you of at the time. 

Full payment is required upon the agreement of what I will create and I will send you an invoice accordingly. Please note that I don't frame my large items (not including hoops).