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Personalised Welly Boot Embroidery Hoops! The perfect gift for Christmas 2020

Posted by Ellen Hopkin on

I've been making my personalised Welly Boot hoops for nearly 4 years now and they are still one of my favourite things to make!

I think the main reason behind this is that they are so very personal. I've made hoops for people who's family are their pets, I've made hoops for families who have lost someone to illness, I've made hoops for weddings and hoops for dedications. I've made Christmas hoops for families with 5 kids (it was bigger than 8 inches for sure!!!)

I love working with people to find the right quotes, colours and feel behind their order. 

Perhaps my favourite one I made wasn't for Christmas or a birthday, it was for a family who's little one had a really tricky start to life. He spent a long time in hospital and a friend of the family decided they could do with something to cheer them up.

The result was the hoop you can see in the picture which hung on the end of his hospital cot for the duration of his stay.

Personalised gifts are so special, aren't they? What would your hoops say? If you fancy a chat about it, pop me an email and we can go from there.